7/23/21: New From PACT: CRT Lifecycle, CRT Material In Spanish, and CRT Docs & Presentations

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New From PACT!

Let’s face it, Critical Race Theory can confuse many people and it can be difficult to determine what to focus on.  PACT has been working on breaking CRT up into (3) “Lifecycle Stages”: Infiltration, Transformation, and Indoctrination.  We believe this will help to separate CRT from the “Theoretical” aspect in order to better understand how CRT has/is/will be “infiltrating” your school system.

CRT impacts every walk of life, including the Spanish communities.  We recognize that for many, English might not be their first language but they are still heavily impacted by CRT and deserve to know what it’s all about and how destructive it is to the entire Spanish speaking community.

For close to a year PACT has posted MANY different CRT related documents, presentations, trainings, lessons, etc. and it can be difficult to find them again.  So we decided to create a repository/library of many of the different documents we have in order for people to see with their own two eyes the insidious CRT material in our school system.  Currently there are 40+ documents, however we will continue to add new information.

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