7/16/21: Virginia HB257 Explained in (3) Minute Video. Required Watching for Parents and Students

I honestly have no idea where we live anymore. Please keep in mind that there have been multiple incidents that have occurred in Loudoun County Schools over the past few months that have gone unreported. One of which is a sexual assault so heinous that I am choosing not to describe it out of respect for the family and also with the hope that this barbaric and criminal act will be made public.

Below is a link listing of every Loudoun County Public School principal by Elementary, Middle, and High Schools in alphabetical order. Parents, fire up those fingers and phones and let the principals in EVERY school know you’re watching. Also send the school board and that idiot superintendent a reminder that you are watching them as well. We have a new school year ahead of us, now is the time to disrupt ALL of this garbage around us all LCPS Principals.