7/15/21: New, Beth Barts Seeking (11) Advisors In Leesburg District Only? Hmmmmm.

Beth Barts posted earlier that she is seeking (11) “Advisors” from her district to help with “topics of interest” that come before the school board.

  • Is this a new program LCPS is rolling out for ALL school board reps? I haven’t seen any announcements from Professor Ziegler about this.
  • Is the current roster of (350) Equity Committee members not enough?
  • Is this a nomination process? If so who chooses and who votes?
  • Will these “Advisors” have @lcps email addresses so we can FOIA them all?
  • Will Barts create another “secret” and closed FB group to discuss more LCPS business out of plain sight?
  • Will Barts’s communication with these “Advisors” also include Sheridan and all other board members?
  • Which organizations will be involved? Maybe the NAACP, Loudoun Freedom Center, Holy and Whole Ministries and VA Hemp Project?