7/3/21: Loudoun Education Association IS the NEA. Do Not Let Anyone Tell You Any Different. NEA Has Declared War Against Parents Against CRT

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We all know Professor Ziegler and the board are lying when they say CRT is not in LCPS. This has been proven time and again. Another falsehood is that LCPS and LEA pretend that they are NOT part of the corrupt and disgraceful NEA. The LEA lies about this as well as Ziegler lies about CRT. Go to the LEA website, NEA is all over it. In fact, just look below and you will see LEA “Member Resources” and (3) of the (5) are to the NEA’s website.

Yesterday we learned that the LEA/NEA are gearing up to target parents and citizens opposed to CRT. Today, we learn that the LEA/NEA has approved a plan to promote CRT in all 50 states. Hey Ziegler, I thought CRT was not taught in LCPS. This man is a disgrace as is the LEA.

Loudoun County residents, do not follow a singular track when trying to rid corruption in our schools and our county, otherwise we will fail. We need another nonprofit to do to the LEA what we’ve been doing to the LCPS School Board, Ziegler, and the NAACP.

LEA Officers

Here are your LEA Officers

  • Sandy Sullivan, LEA President
  • Melissa Muszynski, Vice President, Preschool teacher at Evergreen Mill ES
  • Tracie Lane, Secretary, Librarian at Cardinal Ridge ES
  • Tim Brown, Treasurer, Spanish teacher at Woodgrove HS

Your LEA Board of Directors

  • David Palanzi, Business and Information Technology teacher at Briar Woods HS 
  • Dana Foddrell, Kindergarten teacher at Leesburg ES
  • Christina Ramirez, Kindergarten teacher at Sterling ES
  • Alexa Severo, Second grade teacher at Sugarland Run ES
  • Karen Tyrrell, Digital Experience Specialist at Belmont Ridge MS
  • Shirlita West, Teacher Assistant at Farmwell MS
  • Allyne Zappalla, Social Worker at Stone Bridge HS
  • Patricia Caldwell-Wilson, LEA-Retired, President

Social Justice

  • LEA Board Liaison:  Tracie Lane, Librarian, Cardinal Ridge ES
  • Purpose: To inform LEA Board Members, take on special projects, amplify your groups voice, research NEA/VEA opportunities for training and workshops, connect LEA to the like-minded community members.
  • Hosts regular meetings to discuss issues and solutions

Member Resources

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