6/29/21: New College Bound Student Discovers NAACP “Insurance Policy” to Ensure John Beatty Was Removed

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A recent HS grad and college bound student who studies the US Constitution, Politics, and has a passion for objective writing is now writing OBJECTIVE articles for PACT on a variety of topics related to LCPS and CRT. On 6/24/21 he posted an article titled “Brenda Sheridan of LCPS School Board Colludes with NAACP and Loudoun Democrats to Target Board Member John Beatty. Through his research and investigative skills, he discovered that the NAACP Terms of Conciliation for LCPS included a demand to have John Beatty removed from a variety of committees.

PACT has already proven that the NAACP, Loudoun County Democrats and Board Chair, Brenda Sheridan met secretly on 6/1/20 to determine how best to remove John Beatty. This is completely different from the NAACP Terms of Conciliation. However, with the NAACP and Michelle Thomas issuing a demand to have John Beatty removed as part of the Terms of Conciliation it is tantamount to an “insurance policy” to have Beatty removed IF the 6/1/20 collusion meeting between NAACP, Loudoun Democrat Officers, and Brenda Sheridan was unsuccessful. For the record, Beatty was removed from committee duties on 6/2/20.

Believe it or not, this is where it gets worse. On 8/27/20, the NAACP’s Michelle Thomas sent an email demanding that the Terms of Conciliation be honored now (8/27/20). When LCPS Superintendent Williams didn’t flinch, Michelle Thomas took to the media on 10/8/20 to announce the NAACP has “authored” the “Terms of Conciliation” agreement as a response to LCPS failure to comply with her demands. Two questions:

  1. Why did the NAACP and Michelle Thomas issue a statement on 10/8/20 that gave the impression that the NAACP all of the sudden “authored” the Terms of Conciliation for LCPS when they were in fact created and provided to LCPS in June 2020?
  2. What in the world gives the NAACP and Michelle Thomas the right to demand that a school board member be removed? This is internal LCPS business and NONE of their business, unless………they are only after money and power.

**All supporting documents and links can be found below**

Timeline of NAACP Terms of Conciliation and Attempt to Remove John Beatty

NAACP Terms of Conciliation for LCPS (page 5 shows removal of John Beatty)

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6/1/2020: NAACP and Loudoun County Democrats Email to Remove John Beatty

8/27/20: NAACP, Michelle Thomas Demands LCPS Honor “ALL the terms of the conciliation agreement” Email

10/8/2020 WTOP News: After segregation apology, NAACP offers ‘terms for conciliation’ to Loudoun Co. schools

“The Loudoun County School Board and administration, and the Board of Supervisors issued “An Apology to the Black Community of Loudoun County,” last month for some of the ways county officials fought against desegregation in the Virginia county in the 1950s and 1960s.

Now, the NAACP Loudoun Branch has authored “Proposed Terms of Conciliation,” that it hopes “works toward moving forward” by “building an institutionalized system equity in a meaningful way that gets to the heart” of addressing systemic racism.

The top proposal in the eight-page document is to eliminate standardized testing to get into Loudoun County’s gifted and talented programs. The group says as a long as a student has a C average, and is on math grade level, a random lottery would aid in “selecting a diverse student body that is reflective of the demographics of the LCPS student population.”

The NAACP supports the creation of a public charter school to prepare students for careers in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM), “with a focus on African-American studies and eliminating the historical achievement gap experience by Black/African-American students in LCPS.

The civil rights group is calling on the school system to “eliminate unlawful discrimination and harassment in LCPS, including racially motivated incidents occurring in school,” which includes insults, slurs and violent conduct, such as cyberbullying.

To effect that change, the NAACP suggests an online bias reporting system, that would consider confidentiality concerns, safety concerns and student fears of retaliation, while triggering online notification of a parent, principal and the county’s Director of Equity within one hour of the alleged incident.

In addition, the NAACP calls on the school system to eliminate discipline policies and practices that have a disproportionately negative impact on Black/African-American students. It would have the school system review its Black history curriculum, including the history of Loudoun County, in partnership with local academic experts in African-American studies.

The terms recommend racial literacy training for LCPS staff, including bus drivers and cafeteria staff.

Throughout the document, NAACP Loudoun Branch strongly suggested it be included as a stakeholder in developing and implementing the changes, as well as providing resources to LCPS students who have experienced racially motivated wrongdoing.

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