6/29/21: LCPS CRT “Educational Material” Flying WAY Under the Radar. Parents, Eyes Wide Open on This One

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Just when you thought things couldn’t get more sneaky here in LCPS and around the country. Meet “Teachers Pay Teachers“. Thanks to this radical group, thousands of lesson plans designed to instill students with a gender-fluid, racist, anti-American ideology are available for review, a site allowing teachers to sell and share educational programs. They even have lesson plans targeting special needs kids to teach them about white privilege. Teachers Pay Teachers offers gift cards and is widely promoted throughout LCPS. Perhaps they actually have some worthwhile material, however 5,552 lesson plans for BLM. From where I sit, well this outweighs any possible good Teacher Pay Teachers may have to offer. Below are a few questions to start asking yourself:

  • Are these lesson plans and materials audited, controlled or monitored by LCPS?
  • Do teachers need permission to use material derived from Teachers Pay Teachers?
    • If so, who grants them the permission?
  • Are there specific resources teachers are prohibited from using from Teachers Pay Teachers?
  • Can LCPS teachers combine lesson plans and “educational material” obtained from Teachers Pay Teachers?
  • How are parents supposed to be aware of which “educational material” their child’s teachers are using, LCPS, Teachers Pay Teachers, both?

Outrageous! Here’s a Look at the Shocking White Privilege, Gender Equity Lesson Plans Used To Indoctrinate Your Kids

By Alicia Powe, Gateway Pundit Published June 28, 2021 FULL ARTICLE HERE

According to the Teachers Pay Teachers website, TpT “is the go-to place for over 85% of U.S. educators to find teacher-created, teacher-tested classroom resources” and “has grown to reach over 5 million educators.”

The site contains 5,552 lesson plans to nurture students on the tenets of Black Lives Matter, 3,712 on critical race, 166 on white privilege, and dozens of gender equity lesson plans.

Gender equity is incorporated in the racial equity unit for kindergarteners in a lesson called “Pink Is For Boys- Lesson on Gender Equality.”  The lesson asks students to create pictures of objects that have different colors “to focus on color and gender equality.”

Another 2 week-long lesson plan designed for students in kindergarten to third grade called “Gender Equality Activities,” features 10 lessons that focus on “acceptance, challenging gender stereotypes, positive self-image and understanding.”

“This unit offers an extensive book list that will help teachers to gather a wide range of quality books that help to challenge gender stereotypes,” a description of the lesson plan states.

A lesson plan called “The Woke Classroom” covers topics including gender pronouns and how to use them, how to make your classroom more inclusive, guidelines for establishing a safe space, how to reduce transphobia in schools and an explanation of non-binary genders.

Another lesson plan designed to teach gender equity to young students, “Transgender Education Social Story” provides “a base knowledge of what being transgender means” and “different ways a person’s gender identity could be expressed.”

Black Lives Matter Lessons and Activities unit, designed for students in kindergarten to sixth grade, reviews BLM vocabulary words, BLM badges and “O.R.E.O writing.”

A social studies unit called “Social Justice Activities: Racism, Stereotypes, Privilege, Black Lives Matter” created to teach racial and gender  equity to middle schoolers and highschoolers contains 11 books including “What is a Microaggression,” “What is Toxic Masculinity?” and “Understanding Privilege.”

Teachers can find a “social justice word wall” on TpT, a resource that encourages students to use key terms for discussing social justice in the classroom.

What is White Privilege,” geared towards elementary school students with disabilities uses clipart and photography to aid children in understanding the problems with racism and explains the concept of white privilege.

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