6/27/21: Loudoun County School Year has Ended. We’ve Exposed The Radical School Board, FFS Has Had Great Recall Petition Success. So What’s Next?

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Quick recap:

  • Since August 2020, we’ve been exposing, broadcasting and informing the public just how corrupt LCPS really is as well as their implementation of CRT. As a result, parents and the community have become angry the more they’ve learned how LCPS is destroying our school system. Then Fight for Schools created a successful School Board recall petition effort against those board members that belong to the secret FB group “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun”.
  • We’ve also identified how engrained the NAACP and associated organizations are within LCPS
  • Proven that Superintendent Ziegler and board members that continue to deny and lie about CRT being in the schools

This is all great, but I think many have been wondering “so what’s next?” I can only speak for PACT but I’ve had enough of the NAACP, Loudoun Freedom Center, Holy and Whole Ministries, and Virginia Hemp Project, all of which Michelle Thomas is the President of, and are literally controlling LCPS, curriculum, along with the Equity Committee.

Now is the time to rise up, and to continue channeling that anger to DEMAND (like the NAACO demands everything) that we the people have a fair, non-biased, non-radical, and community focused organization(s) at the same table sitting right next to the NAACP and every single committee that they and the Equity Committee are part of and making radical and divisive decisions on behalf of all of our kids an teachers. They have too much useless and harmful influence over our schools and that has to come to an end. I currently know of (2) such organizations, and sadly PACT isn’t one of them! They’re all about “equity” for “equal” outcomes right? So let’s rally as a community and ensure we hold their feet to the proverbial fire. Let’s call it the “Equality Committee” and let them say no. BTW, we will continue to do what we have been doing and Fight for Schools will continue to collect recall signatures, this will not change.

If you’re in support of this next phase, please email PACT and include “Equality Committee” in the subject: info@stoplcpscrt.com OR parentsagainstcrt.com. I can’t imagine progressives have any objections to this DEMAND, right?

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