6/26/21: PACT Has Made a Terrible Mistake, Not Others Fighting Against CRT

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On 6/24/21, PACT put out a post that was a big mistake on my part and I take complete ownership of the discontent I’ve caused. This post included (4+) different sources:

  • NBC News
  • Loudoun Times Mirror
  • Washington Post
  • Lord Fairfax Community College
  • National Justice

What I did not know at the time of the post was who Eric Striker was (author of National Justice article). I quickly learned that he has been involved in white supremacist activity for a long time and took the post down. I am incredibly sorry to anyone I may have offended, not my intent. I have no associations and do not associate with individuals like this.

I’m one person trying to make PACT a helpful resource for others. I’m imperfect, have lots to learn, will make mistakes, and learning as I go. The entire world I’ve lived in the past year has been a learning experience, and I’m still learning and that will never change.

I own this mistake, I made it and it very much bothers me that I did such a stupid thing. I fully expected the left to come after me, and like clock work they did. What’s bothered me the most over the past few days, is that many of the people I’ve come to know, like, trust, and worked with, who are also fighting CRT, never bothered to pick up the phone and say “What happened here Scott? This isn’t good, help me understand”. Instead, several actually went further than the progressives and accused me of having a personal friendship with Eric Striker, and they wanted to understand our “relationship”. When I explained that I had no idea who he was at the time of the post and after learning I immediately took the post down I was called a liar. I’d expect this from progressives, not friends.

Again, I’m very sorry for having included this persons name and article in my post. I’ve learned some very valuable lessons by my mistake, which was of my own doing. I also recognize that my mistake may have caused some collateral damage to others fighting against CRT, they are not me or PACT and should NOT be held accountable or associated with the distraction I’ve caused. I will continue to fight against CRT on my own. If people that follow my posts cannot look past my mistake, I’ll be saddened to lose their support. I’m also saddened that many of the people that I’ve worked with to fight CRT have taken such a strong position against myself and PACT and no longer want to be associated with me or PACT.

This will be my last comment on this subject. Nothing more I can say except to apologize one last time and to continue the fight against CRT.

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