6/22/21: PACT and Senator Dick Black Join “The Two Mikes” Podcast!

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Today (6/18/21) The Two Mikes spoke to several guests about the growing battle in Loudoun County, Virginia, over the use of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the county’s public schools.

Our guests were U.S. Marine Colonel (ret’d) and former Virginia State Senator Richard Black; Scott Mineo, founder and chief of the county’s organization called “Parents Against Critical Race Theory”; and County Supervisor, Geary Higgins.

Each of the three men presented information about the threat CRT poses to school children of all races that we had not heard before, and each explained the powerful forces supporting the installation of CRT in Loudon County schools, noting especially the pro-CRT roles of the NAACP’s national organization and the Virginia Democratic Party. This podcast is divided into two parts, the first including all three gentlemen, and the second with just The Two Mikes and Mr. Mineo.

Mr. Mineo’s organization, “Parents Against Critical Race Theory”, operates two websites: (a) http://parentsagainstcrt.com, which describes the organization’s activities, membership, and goals, and (b) http://www.stoplcpscrt.com, which contains an assortment of official documents from several groups — including the Loudon County School Board, Virginia Democrats, and the NAACP — that vividly describe their leftist and racist political goals in trying to install CRT in the county’s schools.

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