6/22/21: PACT Hands Juli Briskman Email Evidence of Loudoun Democrat Officers and NAACP Colluding With LCPS Board Chair Brenda “Jazz-Hands” Sheridan

6/22/21: Today at the Loudoun County School Board meeting, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Juli Briskman was present supporting her side of the issue(s). Parents Against Critical Theory (PACT) wanted to be sure Ms. Briskman was aware of how the NAACP and Loudoun County Democrat Chair, Lissa Savaglio (and all other LC Democrat officers) colluded with school board char Brenda “Jazz-Hands” Sheridan to remove John Beatty from his committee duties. This secret meeting occurred on June 1, 2020 and on June 2, 2020 John Beatty was removed from his duties. Coincidence? Hardly. At least she now knows.