6/19/21: Loudoun Democrat Party Leader Lissa Savaglio Colluded With LCPS Board Member Brenda Sheridan to Remove John Beatty. Savaglio & NAACP Have No Business Being Involved in Making Internal LCPS Decisions (see email)

On June 1, 2020, Loudoun Democrat leader, Lissa Savaglio colluded with other Loudoun Democrat Party Officers, NAACP, and LCPS School Board Chair,Brenda Sheridan to remove fellow school board member John Beatty from his committee duties. Keep in mind the LCPS school board voted 8-1 in May 2020 that Beatty was not to be removed from his committees despite objections from the Equity Committee and NAACP. Brenda Sheridan was the only “no” vote.

Loudoun County Public Schools School Board Chair Brenda Sheridan has NO business outsourcing their internal decision making to the Loudoun Democrat officers and the NAACP. LCPS is corrupt from the inside out.