6/19/21: Loudoun County Public Schools, Loudoun County Government Call In Reinforcements, Can’t Handle Parents and Grassroots Orgs. Sad Really.

For the past year, PACT, parents of Loudoun County have been exposing and fighting against Critical Race Theory in Loudoun County Public Schools. We’ve kept LCPS in the national media spotlight for (5) months straight. Who are we? We’re LOUDOUN COUNTY parents, teachers, students, citizens speaking out against that radical ideology known as Critical Race Theory. The LCPS Superintendent Professor Ziegler continues to lie about CRT being in LCPS, despite the evidence. Democratic candidates state CRT is a “right-wing conspiracy” concocted by Donald Trump and Glenn Youngkin. Trump and Youngkin (like them or not) are two of America’s most successful businessmen, and I hardly doubt that either one would create create such a failed, inept, and flawed social experiment. This is best left to race hustlers, racists, and socialists because they have a historic track record at failing with social experiments.

My question is, how can parents, teachers, students, and citizens pose such a threat that the LCPS School Board, Loudoun Democrat Committee, NAACP and Loudoun Government feels the need to call in “reinforcements” that have absolutely nothing to do with our kids education? Isn’t it fair to assume that if the Loudoun Community outrage against us was so strong the locals could protest on their lonesome? These radicals are BUSSING people from across the DC metro area, again why? We’re just a couple of grassroots organizations and concerned parents of Loudoun County. That should tell you enough right there, failed policies, failed “leaders” cannot stand on their own two feet. Loudoun is not Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, or Chicago, although Loudoun is being governed as if it were Chicago and Loudoun Lightfoot (Randall) is in charge.

Don’t allow these corrupt people and organizations to dictate policy and what’s best for our kids and community. Will our local candidates show up to support all of us?