6/16/21: Radical Left is Openly Bussing People From Across the DC Metro Region for Final School Board Meeting. Push to ‘Silence the Opposition” Here in Loudoun County

Loudoun County parents have formed grassroots organizations and rallied the support of the LOUDOUN COMMUNITY to help fight the LCPS school board’s implementation of Critical Race Theory. Some people may not like our position and that’s ok but we have NEVER created chaos, fights or bussed in paid protestors to support our beliefs.

Below is a recent posting or call to action by the radical left to BUS in professional protestors from across the DC region to the LCPS admin building for the final school board meeting on June 22nd. This is an attempt to “Silence the Opposition” like Beth Barts and the Equity called for on March 26th, 2021. If you’re wondering who “Act Blue” is, well it’s the same organization that receives all of the Black Lives Matter donations, that never went to a single black community, financed Patrice Cullors (4) multi-million dollar homes, and helped to finance all of the riots and destruction we’ve seen over the past year.

Small difference between “grassroots” and “silence the opposition” don’t you think?