6/15/21: Loudoun County Corruption Stretches Far Beyond Loudoun County Public Schools…….If You Can Believe that!

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Have you ever received a large sum of money for a legitimate project or a business, say $255,000? Wouldn’t the lenders or “givers” of other people’s money want to know exactly how the money would be spent on your project or business? Call me crazy, but might they also ask how you intend to maintain the project or business in the future? Would you expect another loan or more free money?

While these may seem like high school personal finance class questions, you would think the Loudoun County “leadership”, such that it is, would be asking these exact same questions of Michelle Thomas, President of Loudoun Freedom Center, President of the NAACP, President of Virginia Hemp Project, and Head Pastor of Holy and Whole Ministries but they aren’t. Imagine if you’re in that high school level personal finance class and the teacher asks you to show him HOW the imaginary loan or “gift”money would be spent on your project or business and you handed him a blank budget table. Just a guess here but I suspect you’d receive an “F” or pushed back to the 8th grade.

Unfortunately, #corrupt #crooked #shady isn’t reserved for just Loudoun County Public Schools, nope, throw in the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors as well. This is what the future looks like for LCPS students, make the educational system so dumb, teach how to be unaccountable, and maybe just one day they too can be a part of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors or Public Schools.

Below are just a few images of the “Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)” Loudoun County has in their crooked little hands this very minute. Virginia has (3) elections coming up, 2021, 2022, and 2023, and unless you want more Chicago style politics in Loudoun County, then please pay attention, Loudoun’s corrupt ways stretch beyond LCPS and dat’s a fact Jack.

Can you even believe there’s more to come?

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