6/11/21: LCPS STONE BRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL Principal Unilaterally Cancels Only Graduation Ceremony in County, Despite “REGARDLESS of the weather” Promise

“The event will occur as scheduled REGARDLESS of the weather, so please plan ahead for what your family may need. The seats will not be shaded and there will not be food or drink available.”

At 2pm Stone Bridge Principal, Tim Flynn sent out an automated call to all Stone Bridge HS families that have a student(s) graduating this year that the graduation ceremony was being postponed until 6/12/21 at noon. It was originally scheduled for tonight, 6/11/21 at 7pm, however it is raining. Here’s the problem, Tim Flynn has said ALL ALONG that today’s graduation would happen “rain or shine”.

I went to the school and spoke with Flynn, and he doesn’t like me very much, the only response Flynn had was “I made the decision, I’m the principal, I made the decision”. So LCPS Stone Bridge HS Principal Tim Flynn unilaterally cancelled tonight’s graduation ceremony.