6/10/21: Loudoun County Schools Use Tax Payer Money to Finance NAACP Funds and Loudoun Freedom Center Educational “Experts”, This is a SHAKEDOWN

When the Virginia AG Mark Herring determined his “Reasonable Doubt” conclusion with the NAACP’s “discrimination” complaint against LCPS, which LCPS did not challenge, it came attached with the NAACP’s Terms of Conciliation. PACT posted these terms back in October 2020, November 2020 VA AG provided his ruling, and February 2021 LCPS blessed the ruling. It’s a lengthy document (link in image above) but we extracted only the ending, what it means to all of us (see below).

If you want to read how badly LCPS is getting shafted by the NAACP, read all of the pages below. However, if you’re only interested reading how badly the Loudoun County tax payers are getting screwed, and how the President of the NAACP and Loudoun Freedom Center, Michelle Thomas, is profiting then read the line items with the red boxes around them:

  • Why is LCPS providing funding for the NAACP Scholarship fund?
  • Why is LCPS providing funding for the NAACP Discrimination Fund?
  • Why is LCPS going to reimburse the NAACP’s time and resources for this discrimination complaint that handled by the VA State AG?
  • Why is LCPS going to create a new scholarship fund, at the direction of the NAACP from 2009-2020 due to possible Academies of Loudoun acts of “discrimination”?
  • Why is LCPS going to pay the Loudoun NAACP and Loudoun Freedom Center to create “affinity groups” and STEM based educational programs for African American History only?
  • Why is LCPS providing an extension to the Brown Scholarship Fund? The purpose was to provide a public education to persons who were denied an education in the public schools of Virginia between 1954 and 1964, in jurisdictions in which the public schools were closed to avoid desegregation. Didn’t school segregation end more than 50+ years ago?