6/9/21: NAACP Discusses How They Will have Full Access to an LCPS Database (Disciplinary) To Run Their Own Reports

As I’ve said 100+ times, LCPS is NOT in charge of LCPS, the Loudoun NAACP is. Hear and see for yourself the Education Director, Robin Burke, discussing how the NAACP will be able to go to an LCPS database (disciplinary) to be able to run disciplinary queries for every school, on their own and at will. This is what we all now know of as the “Bias Incident Reporting System”. They proudly state that this as a result of the VA AG’s investigation of and determination that LCPS engaged in some sort of discrimination. More broadly, this is part of the NAACP’s “Terms of Conciliation” for LCPS, which PACT posted on 10/16/20. Here’s the catch, this video is from 11/2/20, however the AG’s final report wasn’t released until 11/18/20, more than (2) weeks later. How did they know how the AG was going to rule?

More to come.