6/8/21: Black woman dismantles reparations in TikTok video: ‘First step to healing is forgiveness’ — not payback

Living life in a world of resentments will lead to a short, miserable, and unhappy life, and it will impact everyone else around. What this young lady is saying couldn’t be more accurate or said any better.

Quotes From This Video

  • “It’s 2021, how are we to determine who gets reparations and who doesn’t?” Again, it’s 2021, not every black person is the descendant of a slave and not every descendant of a slave is black, and not every person who was a slave was black.”
  • “Time heals all wounds,” she went on to say. “But if you have a wound that hasn’t healed, it’s probably because you’re still picking at it. If you fill your heart with bitterness, there’s no room for joy [and] there’s no room for peace.”
  • “Holding onto bitterness is bondage and many of y’all have chained yourself to the dead. Even worse, some of y’all have passed that bitterness down to your children,” 
  •  “And if the first thing that comes out of your mouth is, ‘Well they don’t deserve forgiveness’ … Sit down, let me learn you a thing or two.”