6/7/21: LCPS and the NAACP Believe That Loudoun County Is A “White Supremacist” haven? When Exactly Did That Happen?

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It’s not really a secret that Loudoun County is roughly 60% white. Great who cares? I do, because I’m having a hard time understanding when this metamorphosis happened. In 2008, Obama won Loudoun County at 54%, and then again in 2012 at 52%. Then comes the election of “Orange Man Bad” and Clinton won Loudoun County at 55%. Finally, in the 2020 election, Biden won Loudoun County at 62% (not really but will go with it). Add to that Wexton has been in office going on 4 years and David Reid for 4 years, both Democrats. Both LCPS and Loudoun County Government has been controlled by Democrats since 2019. At what point did the “white supremacy” epidemic slip into Loudoun County?

So you see, this entire “white supremacy” in Loudoun County narrative is one giant hoax being levied against us, which is destroying our schools, and our fundamental ways of life. The race baiters want you to believe THEIR narrative, with zero truth or evidence unless you count the bogus “Equity Assessment” but that is really an empty (28) page document that says “LCPS is racist, spend a ton of money, fix it and then spend more”.

You want your kids to think critically (not CRT thinking) then parents and the community need to do the same because LCPS and the NAACP are trying to play all of us.

Obama 2008 Election Loudoun Rates

Obama 2012 Election Loudoun Rates

Trump 2016 Election Loudoun Rates

Trump 2020 Election Loudoun Rates

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