6/4/21: Loudoun County Public Schools Board Member, Beth Barts, Admits to Critical Race Theory Being in LCPS! NAACP Won’t Be Happy!

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Is the devil wearing a winter coat? Beth Barts freely admits CRT is in LCPS (finally), however, she does believe it would be “bad” to remove it. I’d say we’re at an interesting point with Loudoun County Public Schools. First we have Barts admitting to CRT being in LCPS and then, just today, Michelle Thomas, President of Virginia Hemp Project, NAACP, Loudoun Freedom Center, and head Pastor at Holy and Whole Ministries flat out denied CRT was in LCPS and “will do no more interviews on critical race theory”, also saying that “It’s [CRT] not in our curriculum and it’s not our lesson plans and it shouldn’t even be in our conversations.”

I’d love to be a fly on the wall the next time these two race hustlers compare notes from this past week!

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