6/4/21: Loudoun County NAACP President, Michelle Thomas: “Will Do No More Interviews On Critical Race Theory”

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Michelle Thomas, President of the NAACP, Loudoun Freedom Center, Virginia Hemp Project, and head Pastor at Holy and Whole Ministries LOVES the camera, she loves to spew racist nonsense, and has lead the effort to declare Loudoun County is a racist and white supremacist county! Loudoun County Public Schools is in the fight of their lifetime, they INSIST that they are not teaching Critical Race Theory, and their number one evangelist is no longer willing to do any more interviews on Critical Race Theory? Have people caught on to all of the race hustling? The lies and deception? Have all the white supremacists moved out of Loudoun County? Time will tell, and more will be exposed.

Loudoun county public schools continue to try to fine-tune their approach to “equity” in the school district.

Tuesday night, a workshop was held to hone in on staff training, hiring policies and student outreach.

And it was all against the backdrop of a vocal group of parents who believe the county’s new “Equity Initiative” is code for controversial “Critical Race Theory.”

The idea that racism is an inherent part of America’s institutions and society.

The President of Loudoun County’s NAACP sat down with me for what she said was her last interview on the subject of Critical Race Theory. 

“They are inserting an issue that does not even exist,” said NAACP Loudoun County President, Michelle Thomas. “It’s not in our curriculum and it’s not our lesson plans and it shouldn’t even be in our conversations.”

Loudoun County NAACP President, Michelle Thomas, says this is her last interview on Critical Race Theory. Photo: WJLA

Thomas says it’s time to stop politicizing education and get to the business of what she calls culturally competent lessons.

“It should be called American history, and it should be inclusive of the total story. It should be inclusive of all of America. Good, bad, and indifferent,” said Thomas.

It’s something she says she and others have been working on with the district for years.

“That’s the thing that’s really funny and disingenuous about this whole critical race theory group,” said Thomas. “We’ve been having town halls for the last three years. They have been absent. So, this equity work is not a new work. This is a new fight against equity work, but where have they been in the last three years?”

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Ian Prior is leading the Fight For Schools PAC and is part of an effort to oust most of Loudoun County’s school board. A petition already has more than 1,500 signatures. Photo: WJLA{p}{/p}

He says the problem is that education is now being organized around race, rather than the individual.

“I mean, you don’t have to punch people in the face with this. Show them that it doesn’t matter what you are as long as you are successful. That’s a better way to bring people up than constantly talking about things through a racial lens,” said Prior. 

“Show things through a success lens, and then you ultimately achieve your goal,” said Prior.

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After allegations of systemic racism in the district, Loudoun County entered into an agreement with the Virginia Attorney General’s office earlier this year to reform non-discrimination policies and improve equity for all students. The equity workshop is, in many ways, the result of that settlement.

Thomas says equity means giving all children what they need to thrive and how to accomplish that should be the center of the conversation – not critical race theory, which she says is nothing more than a manufactured distraction.

“I can talk all day long about the truth, but I’m not going to discuss a lie. It’s a waste of time,” said Thomas. “I will never do another interview about critical race theory. It’s ridiculous. This is such a problem? Where have they been? It’s not a problem. It’s a ploy. And we should not feed into this.”

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