6/3/21: Who Is “Parent and Child Loudoun” and Why Do We Need Them In Our Fight Against LCPS’s CRT Initiative?

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For those unfamiliar, please meet Parent and Child Loudoun. This group of dedicated, caring and disgusted individuals launched a non-profit movement a few years ago that has a very strong focus on LCPS’s “Diverse” Classroom Books. When you consider how awful this whole LCPS and their “Diversity” libraries initiative issue has been, who better to have involved than Parent and Child Loudoun? We need them involved and at the same table sitting right next to the NAACP when it comes time to review LCPS curriculum! If you agree, let PCL or PACT know! Simply Type “We Need You PCL” in the subject line.

PCL has specific and very helpful information on their website such as:

About Parent and Child Loudoun


     Parent and Child Loudoun advocates for transparency and parental involvement in public education to promote a safe learning environment for our children.


We monitor actions and policies that negatively impact Loudoun County Public Schools in order to inform and support parents and students.

An Informed Parent is An Empowered Parent

Help and Share The Message!