6/1/21: Loudoun County Public Schools Social Justice Standards Framework

Social Justice is a fraudulent movement baked with racism, hate, and a narrative that is so warped that it’s beyond comprehension. The “Social Justice Standards” doc below is courtesy of Loudoun County Public Schools #1 Equity Partner, Learning for Justice a Southern Poverty Law Center subsidiary. Make no mistake, Loudoun County Public Schools is NOT the only school district to have a cozy partnership with this racist, radical ultra-progressive group. The absence of this past school year was by design. When kids across the country head back in the fall, parents will wish to God they could have them back home as it will shock the system when they see the mass indoctrination materials and lessons ready to go.

There is no data to back any of this foolishness up, so shut up and believe what they tell you, you racist. EXPOSE them all, every single person that is responsible for or supporting this hateful ideology called CRT. Polite letters, even stern letters to the local school board or superintendent are a waste of time, and if your representatives are anything like ours it will fall on deaf uncaring ears. EXPOSE them, if you don’t try and save your kids who will?