6/1/21: LCPS Tuscarora HS: Lunatics Running the Asylum, Principal is MIA Until Maybe July And No One Has a Clue Who’s In Charge or What Happened

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Email Response from School Board Member Leslee King


I am sorry there is confusion regarding the Principal’s out-of-office e-mail.  If you go to the Tuscarora website, you can find many phone numbers and e-mails for contacts. 

I do not know why Principal Croft is not in school but I truly hope everything is okay because it sounds like an emergency. You can contact one of the Assistant Principals.  Here is their information:

Assistant Principal(s)
Nekeya Ailsworth, Suyi Chuang, Fredericka Harris


Leslee King

Leslee King | Loudoun County School BoardBroad Run District Representativeemail: leslee.king@lcps.org        571-439-5570 — cellPlease be aware that correspondence with an elected official in the Commonwealth of Virginia is subject to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) disclosure laws.

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