5/31/21: Attention All Loudoun County Public Schools Parents, Consider Opting Your Kids Out of Their Advisory Class TOMORROW or Allow Them to Be Late

I for one am glad this school year will be over, however, the cute little message displayed below is what you can expect your students to be focused on during “Advisor” period tomorrow. Loudoun County Public has quickly turned into a dump. Ziegler has to GO. All Board Members (except Beatty) have to GO. The entire Equity Commando Squad, have to GO. NAACP, and Michelle Thomas should have been booted from LCPS long ago.

LCPS is being run by warped, twisted, sick, and vile people, and when challenged you either receive forced leave like Tanner OR you’re a racist, homophobe, Islamophobe, and every other type of “phobe” out there.

One guess LCPS what you can do with you indoctrination scheme, and sick ideology. We’re not done.