5/27/21: LCPS Beth Barts, Once Again Allows for Chardonnay Antifa to Go After a Teacher, Now In Her Own District

Beth Barts is a sad human being. She coddles the LGBTQ community when a school teacher expressed his concerns about supporting transgenderism in his school, at a school board meeting, while other teachers have openly, and on at least (2) occasions called parents of the community “racists”.

I wonder Barts knows that many of the complaints filed came from out of state. Yup, for example a women in Tallahassee, FLA by the name of Kellie Sullivan-Herring, see her comments below. LCPS better have an open investigation open, because people like Barts are allowing for a man’s career to be trashed, unjustifiably and by people from other states?

You can bet there will be more details exposed.