5/27/21: Evidence of (18) Radical Women, Members of Chardonnay Antifa Plot Take Down of Loudoun County Schools Gym Teacher and………School Board Leader Beth Barts Appears Yet Again

Below there are (22) screenshots of (18) radical leftist women plotting to take down a Loudoun County Public Schools elementary school gym teacher for the comments he made to the school board on 5/25/21 (video below). Watch the video for yourself, and whether you agree or disagree, does it really warrant this disgusting and outrageous behavior by Chardonnay Antifa?

It is important to note two things: 1. EVERY TIME something nasty happens in LCPS Beth Barts is ALWAYS near by if not in the center of the scandal and 2. Many of the comments below are from LCPS teachers, one of which also sells diversity books to LCPS. We’ve redacted all the names and will not identify the schools in which they work, however, should the time ever come………..