5/22/21: Directly From a Loudoun County Public Schools 2nd Grade Classroom……This Is Not Good Homosexual & Transsexual Indoctrination

An upstanding, disgusted and concerned citizen presented me with these books this morning, “My Princess Boy” and “Prince and Knight”. These came directly out of a 2nd grade classroom. I included a few excerpts from each book, enough for you to get the idea. LCPS is using “My Princess Boy” as a means to indoctrinate little boys into the world of crossdressing and transsexualism, whereas “Prince and Knight” is full blow indoctrination into the world of homosexuality.

I want to be very clear, Loudoun County Public Schools has NO business bringing any of this type of material into the classroom, any classroom. These are 2nd grade kids for the Love of Pete and you are using them to advance your sick agenda and corrupt their little minds. They have a life time to discover who and what they are, we do NOT need your assistance, let them be kids. LCPS School Board (except Beatty), Superintendent ZEigler (Member of Badass Teachers), and the LCPS-Equity Commandos all need to be removed, and the NAACP needs to have a restraining order against them from entering any LCPS school.

Prince and Knight