5/21/21: LCPS Superintendent ZEigler Associated with the Ultra Radical Group “BadAss Teachers Association”

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What the heck is a “Badass Teachers Association”? Radical to say the least. The Badass Teachers Association (BAT or BATs) is an education and social justice activist organization that challenges what it sees as “corporate-driven” education reform efforts and advocates for social justice. The organization defines itself solely as a “left leaning” organization. The BAT goals are to reduce or eliminate the use of high-stakes testing. Sound familiar? It should because this is EXACTLY what the NAACP and Equity Commandos are forcing in LCPS. Read more about Badass Teachers Association’s Mission.

So what’s this radical group have to do with Superintendent ZEigler? Well, he’s a faithful follower of this lovely group (see image lower left corner). This group has 68,000 in their “secret FB group” and 2,000 of those are right here in Virginia. If you read ZEigler’s most recent comments on “Equity” and remember all of his other rhetoric, it might become an “ah-ha” moment. This guy has to go.

Badass Teachers Association: “Our youth, especially our BIPOC, Black and Indigenous People of Color, youth are suffering as a result of the pandemic and education has a role to play to help children heal from the deleterious effects of remote learning, shelter and place and the isolation children have faced.”

  • Badass Teacher Association’s Real Perspective: “Disaster Capitalism is knocking on the public education door. The best we can do is answer the knock on the door by using this pandemic to produce the schools we deserve. The least we can do is ignore the knock and let disaster capitalism do its thing.” and “I can’t predict the future, and neither can you. But what we can do is learn from history and history teaches us that public education is ripe for those who want to implement significant changes during the time of a disaster.”

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