5/21/21: LCPS Partner “Learning for Justice” Offers “Why I’m A Racist” Lesson for Grades 9-12

Links to webpage, see for yourself

Every single day PACT finds more and more rubbish that LCPS and the Equity Commandos try passing off as “Diversity, Inclusion and Equity”. What kind of lesson plan is it when a student is presented with a worksheet titled “Why I’m a Racist”? Which bucket does this fall into, diversity, inclusion or equity? Looks to me like a presumption of guilt because of skin color, “Here, you’re a racist now explain why”. The entire Loudoun County School Board (except Beatty), Superintendent ZEigler, and ALL Equity Commandos need to resign, and the NAACP should have a restraining order against them to prevent them from having anything to do with our school system.