5/21/21: Kimberly Klacik Launches Red Renaissance!

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Thank you Kimberly for inviting us out for an amazing Red Renaissance Launch Party, and for calling out Loudoun County and their infestation of CRT!

I have one request for anyone reading this post, take a look at the attendees that were at the Red Renaissance Launch Party (see below). They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words, but let’s keep this simple. Every single person below either holds an office position, is running for an office position, or is fighting for our Freedom, including the eradication of Critical Race Theory!

I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to almost all of them, and you know what? It was all centered around the content of our character, our commonalities, our aspirations, and our disdain of Critical Race Theory.

Red Renaissance: “Old politics is dying, and we’re the new generation. Our nation requires fearless, principled leaders who care more about the survival of this country than their so-called political careers. We will work tirelessly toward creating a stronger conservative movement, and we will always stand up for freedom and justice for all Americans.

Help and Share The Message!