5/20/21: In Case You Missed This Phony Bologna NAACP Press Conference From Fall of 2020 (video)

NAACP President, Michelle Thomas bellows “There is reasonable cause to believe”…..LCPS is racist. For the record, “reasonable cause” does NOT mean proof, facts, or based on actual evidence (see definition below). Now, the race-hustling and racist organization known as the NAACP, lead by Michelle Thomas in Loudoun County, are considered “trustworthy”. How? Why? The NAACP was founded on fraudulent and racist principles (112) years ago, and nothing has changed. Thomas offers zero evidence, zero data to support her ridiculous comments. We’re all supposed to just shut up and accept what she says is true or, you guessed it you’re a racist. Remember, Thomas and people like her have a single-threaded vocabulary that revolves around racism, white supremacy, and discrimination. Hateful bloviators turning Loudoun County into their own personal fiefdom.

Reasonable Cause: Prudent estimation based on trustworthy information that an incident occurred or has been perceived as having occurred. Reasonable cause is defined as some credible information to support each element of the offense, even if that information is merely a credible witness or Reporting Party statement.