5/19/21: LCPS Superintendent ZEigler Tells Ian Prior “Children are watching TV, Let’s lower the temperature” After Prior says “Damn”

According to Superintendent ZEigler, Ian Prior was way off bas tonight for letting slip the “D” word, damn. You might be saying, “It says Timothy Smith below not ZEigler”. You’d be correct, however, Superintendent ZEigler frequently posts comments on the official LCPS FB page as “Timothy Smith”. I’m just some guy with a computer and people got all bent out of shape when I used “Vito Malara”, this guy runs the LCPS school district and poses and some random guy, that’s just not right.

Did anyone see ANY messages from ZEigler or Smith with the same tone when parents rightfully lost their mind over the literature in our schools? I think we scored (8) nationally televised news shows in (48) hours. Hopefully the same will happen here.

Loudoun County Public Schools are being run by the largest conglomeration of morons (except for Beatty), and we prove this every day.