5/19/21: Did Phyllis Randal Mock Trans Community? No She Did not

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PACT will be the first to admit that last night we put out a post with the image below taking a shot at Phyllis Randall. Not long after, we had a discussion and took it down. Why? Well, admittedly it felt like a “gotcha” moment, but it wasn’t, it was a cheap shot. We will righteously call anyone out for their damaging and hateful behavior, but Phillis’s post wasn’t damaging or hateful. She just said what all of us are thinking.

Phillis and I have not always seen eye to eye on things, but there are (3) instances that we do:

  1. Her nieces sobriety anniversary (I’m not outing Phyllis niece, she posted a congratulatory comment of how proud she was of her niece)
  2. Filling plastic grocery bags with gasoline isn’t a good idea
  3. Unlike Phyllis, this is how I looked after (15) months in a mask, and have since shaved

To Laura Krueger, I don’t think I’m alone here but I sure as heck wouldn’t want to look like the bearded lady either. I also don’t want to look like Don Knotts or Norman Feld. Based on your profile picture, I think it’s a safe bet you wouldn’t want to either. Move on. Phyllis, welcome to my world!

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