5/18/21: How Bad Is Indoctrination in Loudoun County Public Schools….For Middle School Students? Really Bad

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This is truly despicable, but what we’ve come to expect from Loudoun County Public Schools, Equity Commandos, and the NAACP. The deniers will say this isn’t indoctrination at all. However, PACT noticed otherwise (see quotes below).

The (6) slide deck images are from a LCPS Middle School based on “The Look”. Take note of the “New Bias Reporting Tool” slide image. They didn’t place this slide in the beginning of the slide deck, but the end. Why? Watching “The Look” and going through ALL of the discussion points are building blocks for students to then submit a “Bias Report”. Who reviews these reports? The Student Equity Ambassadors (3) in ever MS and HS, the Equity Advisor, LCPS-Equity Commandos, and the NAACP. Folks, our kids won’t be able to move without “triggering” another student to file a “Bias Report”. White people’s body movement are apparently considered “microaggressions”, which can only be done by white students, in other words, the body movements of white people can be racist. This is not a joke.

Please take a moment to review this post AND click on the links to review “The Looks” website. I couldn’t make any of this up on a bet.

  • “We ask that you use our tools to help you lead the conversation in your community. We suggest you begin with THE LOOK film for reference and then host a discussion with members of your community on ways to shift the negative personal and societal consequences caused by racial bias.”
  • “We developed a discussion guide that includes thought-provoking questions around different circumstances depicted in THE LOOK film to help get the conversations started within your group.”
  • “Let us know how you plan to share our message and impact the community, and how your group responded to THE LOOK film, discussion guide and activities, as well as outcomes of the group interaction.”

From “The Look” Website

Sample Discussion Questions From “The Look”

  1. How did you immediately react after watching THE LOOK?
  2. When you see Black men, what do you see?
  3. What shapes how you view people of color?
    What were your overall impressions of THE LOOK?
  4. What are potential solutions to improve the view of Black men and boys in America?
  5. How do you think misrepresentation of Black men, in the media, is seen in THE LOOK?
  6. What conceptions about Black men do you think are prevalent in THE LOOK?
  7. What, if any, positive images of Black men are promoted in the media?
  8. How can media outlets better represent the realities of Black men?
  9. Why do you believe the store personnel responded this way in THE LOOK?
  10. Should the protagonist in THE LOOK have acknowledged the salesperson and security guard?
  1. In THE LOOK, what were some examples of EXPLICIT bias? What were examples of IMPLICIT bias?
  2. How might implicit bias impact your interactions with Black men?
  3. Can you think of an example where you have communicated a bias explicitly towards another person? What made you express your feelings in that manner?
  4. How have you seen explicit bias impact people?
  5. What additional steps can you take, as an individual, to unpack, understand, and resolve your biases?
  6. What were your initial thoughts of the couple’s reaction in THE LOOK?
  7. When you’re at a restaurant, do you notice the race of your waiter and the other staff?
  8. Have you ever been uncomfortable while dining near people of color?
  9. After viewing THE LOOK, what do you realize about your interactions with people of color while dining out?

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