5/16/21: LCPS Board Member Denise Corbo Uses Church to Make First Public Comments About Negative National News

If you read Denise “Typhoid” Corbo’s comments below and then analyze it a bit, it actually does say a darn thing:

  1. Pastor Gary from Cornerstone Chapel prays for everyone, that’s part simply part of being a Pastor, well except Michelle Thomas. Pastor is a man of God and he carry’s the message of love and forgiveness. I think Corbo conflated Cornerstone’s prayers for LCPS and what she and her crooked cronies are doing. We’re all praying for LCPS Typhoid Corbo, praying you will be recalled and returning to normalcy versus this divisive world you have us living in…for the moment.
  2. Notice Typhoid Corbo is trying to associate the prayer she received with the “misleading information nationally that seems to be rallying hatred and threats towards our wonderful school community”. What she’s doing is using Cornerstone Chapel as a shield to make her only public comment in response to what PACT and Fight for Schools has exposed. Maybe Typhoid Corbo can expand on exactly what this “misleading information” is. Could she be dumb enough to be referring to LCPS NOT teaching CRT? We have proven time and again that this narrative is factually inaccurate. Remember that invoice FROM The Equity Collaborative TO LCPS for “Critical Race Theory Development”?
  3. We’re all praying for LCPS educators, because the ones that have not bought into your CRT propaganda are scared to death to speak out for fear of their family and losing their job, and passion for teaching kids. So yeah, we’re all praying for them.
  4. Who are these “praying powerhouses”? NAACP, Loudoun Freedom Center, Holy and Whole, and Virginia Hemp Project?

Typhoid Corbo is using her official LCPS platform to use Cornerstone Chapel as a shield to make her empty and lacking context comments. Sure, her message sounds like she has the world on her side in supporting CRT and destruction of our schools. Personally, I think it is weak, cheap, and a conflict of interest to use the church for your public retort against what you know is the truth. Ian Prior is correct. Oh, speaking of conflict of interest, didn’t BLM Barts funnel LCPS money to your private company for school supplies? That’s the rumor anyways. Who will be the first to prove or disprove this, PACT or Typhoid Corbo and BLM Barts?