5/13/21: Tucker Carlson Tonight! “Liberals Have Ruined Loudoun County”, “Schools Taken Over by Lunatics”. PACT and Our Collective Group of Warriors Are Far From Done Exposing Loudoun County

Today is Thursday, May 13th and it’s beginning to seem like Loudoun County Public Schools and all of their “lunatics” have made the big time once again. Before the end of the day on Saturday, May 15th, we will have made almost (10) appearances on Fox News, across the various shows and every segment is about Loudoun County Schools and their utter stupidity to stand behind their push of Critical Race Theory into our schools.

Since February 25th, starting when PACT released the story about LCPS cancelling Dr. Seuss, through a collective and committed group of warriors, we have successfully exposed Loudoun County Public Schools and their blatant lies and disgusting materials across the world:

  • (200+) News articles (name the source and it was there)
  • (60+) different news shows including Hannity, Tucker, Ingraham, Levin, Newsmax, OneAmerica News
  • (25+) Talk radio shows
  • Countless podcasts & live discussions