5/8/21: More Anti-White and Racist Material from LCPS School Board, Equity Commandos and Lightridge High School

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The LCPS Lightridge HS Equity Commando Team has prepared a school board presentation that is wonderful (full presentation below images). The images below are a focal point of the Equity Commandos, “Microaggressions”. “Microaggressions” is a made up word and is reserved for white people, you see only white people are capable of demonstrating “microaggressive” behavior. Lordy this sounds like a racist concept cooked up in race hustler labs.

The definition the Equity Commandos provide may seem innocuous, but let us not forget that their use of the word “bias” really means white people unknowingly speaking/acting in a racist manner, also known as being “implicitly biased”. This is the foundation of CRT. As you can see below, if a white person denies having “white privilege” that is an example of a “microaggression”. If you compare this with the definition they provide, it makes absolutely no sense, but then again nothing related to CRT makes sense.

I think the best comment in this hateful presentation is “Race is part of ones identity, especially when you’re NOT white”. So a white persons identity is not important OR is less important than any other “race”? This ridiculous statement underscores what the Equity Commandos are doing, indoctrinating, and manipulating non-white students perceptions. LCPS, LCPS-Equity Commandos, and NAACP hide behind ridiculous jargon to provide the illusion that CRT, Equity, or their Culturally Responsive Framework is not racist or anti-white. This is teaching hate. Good job.

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