5/8/21: CDC Director Admits Changing School Guidance for Teachers Unions

What will LCPS do now? Break out a new colorful chart to confuse themselves and mislead parents? Parents, we’ve know that this COVID lockdown farce was dangerous, deadly, and deliberate from the jump. We need your focus on not just science but SOCIAL SCIENCE because the COVID lockdown was the pretext to implement CRT. Distract with the lockdown while they implemented Critical Race Theory. Once the new school year arrives in the fall, LCPS’s CRT/Equity/Culturally Responsive Framework “education” or pandemic will be so entrenched that you’ll hope for another lockdown. This is not hyperbole, it’s our sad, damaging, and hateful new reality. It doesn’t have to be this way, help us fight, we need EVERYONE to stop LCPS, LCPS-Equity Commandos, and the NAACP.