5/7/21: The President of the NAACP, Proprietor of The Virginia Hemp Project, President of Loudoun Freedom Center and Founder of Holy and Whole ministries to Offer STEAM Based Camps, Preschool and Aftercare

Michelle Thomas doesn’t sit still for very long. She’s announced that “Loudoun’s most innovative STEAM Based Summer Camps, Preschool and After Care Programs” will be coming soon. What’s interesting is the last Facebook post from “Holy and Whole Preparatory STEM Academy” is from 2017 and 2013 and the website address doesn’t work. Every single organization seems to have very little or no information. How does one launch a STEAM summer camp without any information? How is it being financed? Where will it be located and how was the land/space acquired? Donors? State of Virginia and Loudoun County?

Look for the close associations to the other “businesses”.