5/5/21: “Murdertrending” Approved LCPS Reading for 9th Grade. **Warning, Vulgar and Graphic Language**

If you’re offended by this post, you should be. We try not to make a habit of posting graphic, vile and disgusting content, but will always make an exception to expose LCPS. The excerpts below are from approved LCPS reading for 9th grade students. If you’re able to push aside the disgusting language and content, isn’t part of the point of having kids read books is to become all around more literate, better readers, and more articulate? “Monday did anything you wanted ’cause you was the only stupid enough to be her friend.” I guess any hope for proper English is gone. How does trash like this fall under the guise of “Equity”? It doesn’t.

The LCPS Board, Equity Commandos, and NAACP all scream they care about the students and want them to have the best education, and this is the best they can do? These are the despicable people running our educational system. Every single one of them failed miserably and they need to be removed from LCPS right away. This school system is trash and it needs to be corrected ASAP.