5/1/21: NAACP’s Hostile Takeover of LCPS and Loudoun County Involves Loudoun County Delegate (32nd district) David Reid (D). Want to End/Slow Corruption? Get This Guy Out of Office

PACT normally does not make it a point to provide posts about politicians. However, Delegate David Reid of Loudoun County’s 32nd District is an active member of the NAACP, which as we all know is decimating LCPS. Clearly they are getting a helping hand, and this hand is David Reid’s. A mysterious $255,000 to the Loudoun Freedom Center (Michelle Thomas), thank Delegate David Reid (D). Questions? Ask David Reid.

$255,000 Earmarked for Michelle Thomas & Loudoun Freedom Center Instead of New Loudoun State Park.  How Does This Relate to the NAACP’s Hostile Takeover of LCPS to Loudoun County’s 32’d District Democratic Delegate David Reid?