4/30/21: Timeline (rough) of NAACP and Equity Commando Takeover of Loudoun County Public Schools

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When you have a few or (15) minutes, take a look at the rough timeline of a variety of activities, comments, actions, etc. by the NAACP with the LCPS-Equity Commandos lock-step. While all of the items below are important, pay close attention to all the dates listed for 2019, it was a breakout year. What we’ve listed below is the timeline of a “Chicago-Style” takeover of Loudoun County Public Schools by the NAACP with help from the VA Governor, AG, and let’s just say “others” as well for the time being.

Keep in mind that Michelle Thomas is the sole-proprietor/president of (3) separate businesses and each one is DIRECTLY involved with LCPS:

  1. NAACP – President
  2. Loudoun Freedom Center
  3. Holy and Whole Ministries
  4. On March 11, 2021, she formed a new corporation called “Virginia Hemp Project”, and I’d bet a $1.00 she will be figuring out a way to get that into LCPS if she hasn’t already.




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