4/28/21: Deck Stacked AGainst LCPS, LCPS-Equity Committee, and NAACP With Their Repeated Lies that CRT is NOT Being Taught in LCPS. Time for ZEigler to Announce He’s Stepping Down and Disband the Equity Committee

What we continue to see before our very eyes what habitual liars look like. Let’s be clear, nothing has been taken “out of context” OR “misrepresented”, LCPS, LCPS-Equity Committee are knowingly lying to the people of Loudoun County when they say that Critical Race Theory is not being taught in LCPS. Despite the proof we continue to provide, they say “Nope, no CRT here”. These (3) sentences are important to remember when the next news story drops.

In the coming days, there will be yet another LCPS national news story. However, this story will contain line item billing expenses for those three magical words “Critical Race Theory” training/education. So no matter which way they try to spin the denial of CRT being taught in LCPS, we have them surrounded with facts, evidence and proof. I think it’s time for Professor ZEigler to pack up all his “Equity” trophies and step down. His conduct is not inline with running a school system at any level. As far as the (8) school board members go, I can promise a long (2) years is in the future, unless they are willing to become honest, and educate themselves on what is really going on in LCPS, and acknowledge that CRT is in fact in LCPS. Maybe attend a town-hall?

It’s hard to imagine, but the news story’s will not stop here. Think of it as airplanes lined up on an Airport runway.