4/21/21: What Does the Future look Like Under a CRT and Equity-Based Education?

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Take a look at the (12) images below (no links), ALL are from April 20, 2021. What’s this have to do with CRT? Everything! Loudoun County Public Schools (as well as all other school districts) has a focus on their wonderful CRT-based curriculum, Social Justice, and “Protesting”. Both the “Social Justice” and “Protesting” “educational” materials are centered around Black Lives Matter, Defunding the Police, and White Police officers seemingly hunting black people for sport. In fact, LCPS is currently teaching students how they can begin protesting at the age of (14), with a parental note.

The pictures below are a glimpse into the future of our kids if parents and the community don’t begin to get involved and help to stop this CRT train wreck. The very people you entrust to educate little Johnny or Jane, are often the same people teaching this garbage. This is tantamount to child abuse, really it’s educational child abuse. Would people ever sit back and watch a kid get abused? No, and educational child abuse is no different. Who’s going to help protect your kids and other kids if it’s not you?