4/15/21: LCPS Middle School “Indian Removal, The Trail of Tears” (Rap video). This Is Absolutely Appalling!

Professor ZEigler and the LCPS-Equity Committee (MSAAC) have got to be removed from LCPS, or shamed for their disgusting contributions to this school system until they quit. Add to that that the NAACP should be BANNED from having ANYTHING to do with LCPS. All of these people are racist black supremacists, and they’re turning LCPS into one big anti-white racist institution. PACT will keep exposing, and exposing, and exposing.

For a full (2) minutes, I sat here shaking my head as I watched this video (see below). It’s titled “Indian Removal, The Trail of Tears” and is presented in the form of a rap song. I keep thinking, “Boy, LCPS has really outdone themselves this time” and then something else comes along.

Why in the hell is a video like this being played in middle school? Why is LCPS indoctrinating our kids with rap videos that say white people have blood on their hands, and also call white people racist names like “vanilla”? This is outrageous and shameful, and God willing, the media will have a field day with this.