4/13/21: No CRT in LCPS Huh? Does Superintendent’s Memo #050-19 Ring A Bell? LCPS Leaders, Equity Committee and “Community Organizers” Are ALL Deceptive And Untrustworthy Liars

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How long and how often has our LCPS “Leadership”, including the “Equity Committee” told the members of the Loudoun Community that LCPS is NOT teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT)? Despite the troves of evidence, directly from LCPS’s very own website (lcps.org), and resources, these “Anti-Racist”, radical, and authoritarian elitists continue to LIE, DODGE, MANIPULATE, and DECEIVE our entire county. This includes: ZEigler, LCPS School Board (except Beatty), LCPS-Equity Committee, and oh yeah the trust worthy NAACP

The image below with “Page (5) Last Paragraph” highlighted in red is an excerpt from the COMMONWEALTH of VIRGINIA Department of Education, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Superintendent’s Memo #050-19 (embedded below), To Division Superintendents across the State of Virginia. Read this twice, and then ask yourself “Maybe they have been lying to us”, that’s what we’ve been saying and proving for many months.

How in the world can Loudoun County Public Schools have a Superintendent, with countless Asst. Superintendents, and support staff and NOT ONE person is aware of this memo? Even if PACT gave ZEigler (Tim Smith) the benefit of the doubt, knowing he’s busy building his Equity Commando Committee, couldn’t someone in the entire Superintendent organization have pulled the Professor aside and said “Um, yeah we are actually teaching CRT, remember Memo #050-19”, especially with the bombardment of negative national news?

This is pathetic, insulting, and should tell EVERYONE that LCPS’s “Culturally Responsive Framework” (CRT) is fraudulent, and worse than you’ve read or been told. If it’s so damn wonderful, WHY ALL THE LIES and DECEPTION, huh Professor, Barts, Equity Commandos, and oh yeah, NAACP.

You have zero credibility, all of you, and we will continue to expose, and prove how drunk on power and money you are, all at the expense of our kids education. This is educational malpractice.

Superintendent’s Memo #050-19

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