4/12/21: Why Does the NAACP Demand to Know The Admission Stats for All Academies of Loudoun Students For This Year and Next Year?

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Get ready! The NAACP is gearing up for round 2 of going after LCPS and Academies of Loudoun. They aren’t asking for the admission stats to send congratulations cards to those students, they will be looking to see how many black students were enrolled this school year (2020/2021), how many black students applied for school year 2021/2020, how many were accepted, and how many were placed on a waiting list in case other students decline. A few quick stats and the video is below:

  • Average black student population in LCPS is 7%. The goal for black student enrollment at AOL is 7%+
  • 2018/2019 First Year Academies of Loudoun Was Open: Black student enrollment was 1.9%
  • 2019/2020: Black student enrollment was 2.9%-3.5%
  • 2020/2021: Black student enrollment is at 5%

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the black student enrollment at AOL has steadily increased since opening in 2018. The NAACP and the LCPS-Equity Committee think the curriculum is too difficult, with all the discrimination and white supremacy they yammer about how is this even possible? Easy, these students were accepted on THEIR OWN MERIT, DRIVE, AND ABILITIES, which the NAACP and LCPS-Equity Committee don’t seem to think is possible, that’s why they demanded that the admission criteria be lowered, so in August 2020 it was decided the bar would be lowered.

Who benefits from this? Who is insulted by this? I am. This entire CRT movement has white people painted with a giant bullseye, but black students are targeted as well, accept their bullseye was the word “EQUITY” in front of it. How many parents were consulted about the dumbing down of our education?? I’m waiting……None, unless you’re part of the Equity Committee or the NAACP. What gives these black supremacists the right to determine how smart or dumb your kid is? What right do they have to flip our entire educational system upside down? None and None. They are destructive tyrants using race as a shield and a weapon. THEY are the true racists. THEY are the real oppressors. THEY are responsible for inflicting the educational destruction happening before our very eyes.

I could give two flips what your political preferences are, unless you’re a radical longing for a race war and Communism, this impacts us all and you are NOT a racist for calling it out. Are you going to allow this radical, racist oppressors to rule how your kids should be educated? Hope not.

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