4/9/21: Black Lives Matter Founder Buys $1.4M Dollar Home. Can People See that They’ve Been Played for a Fool?

“Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors just purchased a million-dollar mansion. She pimped the murders of Black folks, especially Black men and boys to get that mansion. BLM founders are after the bag. They don’t care about Black people.”

Personally, I think this is hilarious! BLM Founder, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, just purchased a $1.4M home, and the really funny part is her new home is located in a 98.6% WHITE community! For more than (6) years, and really heavy the past year, BLM activists have been burning, looting, assaulting, killing, etc. in the name of the BLM movement and against white people, and our “systemically racist” country. BLM raised well over $100M in just the past year, and not a dime went back into the black communities. It ALL went to white Liberal politicians, and apparently Patrisse Khan-Cullors as well. BLM chapters around the country have been fracturing because they have not seen a single dime from BLM. In fact, Michael Brown’s father (Furgeson, MO) is suing BLM for $20M because they have not provided ANY money to help support his movement. All hail BLM, Big League Money!

Just think, the massive push for BLM education was adopted hook, line and sinker by these morons running LCPS and MANY other school districts around the country. We have uprooted our entire educational system, and country because of the largest ponzi scheme like fraud in American history.