4/10/21: Questions and Comments to Consider Using When Addressing LCPS or Any Other School Board

PACT wanted to put together a document that may help parents, students and the community with some thoughts, comments and questions to consider. The slide deck was put together with Loudoun County Public Schools in mind but can be crafted or modified for any school district really. This is just our first release and we will be updating the slide deck with more questions and content.

Our hope is that this information may help to form thoughts or ideas to develop your own questions based on some additional research you can do. For example, the “Violations” slide, are there specific areas of the LCPS “Handbook” that can clearly demonstrate violations? If so, what page, section, and how does this violation align to LCPS’s CRT initiative? We always want and need to be dealing with facts and examples when possible. Our personal feelings don’t matter in this fight and they will only inhibit us from getting to the truth.